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FX Artist – Lightbox Animation Studios

Lightbox Animation is looking for a talented Visual Effects Artist FX.

The FX department is responsible for designing and creating elements and effects across the project. They will work closely with the rest of the VFX pipeline to create seamless integration into shots. You will work collaboratively with your team to find the best technical and creative solutions in order to meet production needs and produce visual effects that match the high-quality vision for our project.


• Create a wide range of high quality visual effects
• Optimize effects for performance while retaining look
• Work closely with the Director to maintain visual consistency
• Troubleshoot and provide solutions to visual effects related issues


• 5+ years of professional experience in VFX.
• Proven and extensive professional experience in team leadership (only for supervisor vacant)
• Houdini knowledge is a must
• Designs and creates scenic elements and effects such as fire, smoke, water, destruction and dust
• Develop tools used in FX to enhance pipeline and ability to execute systems developed by other FX artists.
• Ability to create streamlined set ups that can be used by the rest of the team.
• Works with the rest of the team to creatively solve problems and troubleshoot effectively
• Ability to interpret feedback and expand upon the art direction given
• EU Citizen.


For more information, please visit at Lightbox Animation Studios

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