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Artistic Director – Squeeze Studio Animation

Squeeze is looking for an Artistic Director passionate and highly creative individual who will be in charge of the extraordinary team of Art. This person will work closely with the Production Designer, the Director and the VFX supervisor to ensure that the artistic vision of the projects is respected and well represented. Through his/her leadership, this person will lead his/her team to surpass itself, to achieve the visual quality for which Squeeze is renowned.


Supervises the team of Art (Set, Props, Character and Background Artists);
Participates in visual development while supervising the team as a senior;
Identifies the needs of the department and the profiles needed for the different projects to match their specific style;
Selects the artists to be assigned to projects, according to their style, strengths, experience, and talent; must have a good knowledge of each artist;
Participates in the allocation of time for the tasks for his department, in order to meet production deadlines/budgets;
Adjusts and completes the artistic vision of the projects: Builds the artistic bible of the projects from the elements received from the client and/or the Production Designer. Once the Production Designer has established the visual signature, the lead must get used to it and ensures it is maintained throughout the project with his team;
Ensures that the concepts are in line with the internal realization (PD/Director/VFX supervisor) of the 3D project;
Collaborates with other Leads to ensure that the work accomplished fits perfectly with the needs of production;
Coaches artists to develop their skills in design, painting and the various techniques and creative approaches possible; ensures an artistic watch and is on the lookout for new trends in this area;
Maintains the high standard of in-house concept production in order to deliver Squeeze quality;
Contributes to the implementation and maintenance of the department’s best practices;
Works closely with the production manager and human resources regarding talent management, training needs, performance reviews, downtime optimization to ensure that the visual development department is performing and continues to develop, with the best possible team, to deliver projects on time and in quality.

Job requirements


Natural leadership;
Holds creativity beyond compare;
Very keen artistic sense;
Ability to gain the trust of his teammates, in order to know them well;
Team player;
Excellent communication skills;
Excellent ability to adapt to change;
Ability to work with tight deadlines.


A minimum of 5 years in a similar position (art direction, production design, conceptual work, visual development team leader, etc) in the field of animation;
Drawing skills, undeniable talent allowing him to support his team;
Ability to work in a wide range of styles;
Very good communication skills and great sociability, for clear and concise communication of the artistic directions to undertake, both with the internal team and with the client;
Sense of initiative and surpassing oneself; ability to manage, prioritize and assign tasks and solve problems;
Ability to manage a team, supervision and mentoring;
Thorough knowledge of Photoshop;
Knowledge of the 3D pipeline, an asset;
Perfectly bilingual in French and English.


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